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February 2019 Update

The last post I wrote was in the beginning of February, but a lot of things have happened since that time.  I didn't get to a lot of the things that I said I would do, because I overlooked some easy, obvious, and necessary things, but as you will read, I did complete some important tasks that I didn't expect (I'm still in the process of completing because it is not yet the end of February ahh!)

After completing a session of the python programming course, I realized that I can not program on my laptop because it is a Windows 7 which doesn't support Python 3.7 and lately it has started shutting down a lot which is super irritating! I've already done a days worth of research on what is the best laptop for app development, and the one that I've chosen is the Macbook Pro.  I see a lot of programmers use it and I do want to start becoming an Apple user because I hear the Macs are pretty powerful.  I want my programming to be as streamlined and smooth as possible.  At…

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